Arriving in Japan

After I landed in Narita, I was super きんちょう (nervous)。Wifi was actually pretty hard to connect to and I needed that wifi to contact a friend (Suzu) I was staying with that night. Before leaving for Japan, I downloaded this app called Japan Wi-Fi which was a huge help connecting to Narita’s free internet.

The line at the foreign passport inspection at customs was filled with exchanged students. Like, literally, only exchange students. I met a guy from China studying abroad at Waseda for graduate school while in line. Apparently Waseda is famous in Japan and Keio is know as “OK University” there  ๏_๏. He also tried to talk to me about current affairs in America, since he was a polisci major, but….being the ignorant person I am, I kind of….didn’t know what he was talking about haha.

Finding my luggage after passport inspection was surprisingly difficult. My online information about the baggage area I was supposed to be in was wrong, so I spent a good 10 minutes probably searching for my belongings and freaking out. Following that, dragging my two huge luggage bags around was difficult (one had lame wheels). Of course, once I met Suzu, it was better though! But I felt bad that she took the bag with the bad wheels…she was basically dragging it along with her.

We took…two trains? To her home in Nerima-ku. Had a stop at Ikebukuro (which was super crowded and confusing), but the train ride itself wasn’t terrible. Just. No seats. We also got to catch up since it was about an hour thirty ride. Her dad picked us up at the station. Yay for cars. I’ll probably never be able to ride in one again until I’m back in NC. The roads in Japan are SO SO narrow though! Literally one lane is like half of one back in the States. And the corners are super sharp and parking is difficult. I don’t know how they do it. Sidewalks are even thinner, and in some areas, there aren’t even any sidewalks and people just walk on the streets while cars try to pass them (one time I looked away for a moment and when I turned back around, a car was literally right in front of me). Cars even have to stop in the middle of the road to let other cars going the other direction go by. Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures in Nerima, so I can’t share just how surprising they are.

As soon as we got to Suzu’s house, though, we were greeted by loud barks (probably from Gen-chan, but it might’ve been Botan, too). INSIDE THE HOUSE WERE THESE TWO ADORABLE THINGS.

Gen-chan (left) and Botan (right), Suzu's adorable dogs

Gen-chan (left) and Botan (right), Suzu’s adorable dogs

Gen-chan was super energetic…..and loved my hair, so he kept jumping on me and specifically aiming for my left side (where I swept all my hair to) where he could just tangle himself up in my hair o.o. Botan was super quiet and FLUFFY.

We also had dinner – pasta, potato salad, and okonomiyaki. I really wanted to take pictures, but felt that it would be a bit tourist-y awkward to do so. However, when they took out the Kristina Cake, I just had to. And it actually was a Kristina cake. I thought Suzu was just joking when she mentioned it, but when I looked closer, it actually had my name on it. WHY ARE THEY SO NICE.

The Kristina Roll Cake. It says “Welcome, Kristina” on it. It even has Kitty-chan on it omg.

It was super yummy and I even got the whole disc of chocolate to myself ლ(ಥ_ಥლ) SO. GREAT. I like my dessert.

I was allowed to take Suzu’s room for the night, since her brother was away at a driving camp (basically like Japan’s serious, expensive version of driver’s ed). And in her room.



Snacks and water from the fam.

Snacks and water from the fam.

Yoooooooo. Moonlight cookies! Suzu even explained that she bought them for me specifically because they were Moonlight cookies (from the hip-hop dance group I belonged to back home). So sweet (ಥᗩಥ)!!!

But I kind of fell asleep before being able to snack on anything.


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