Ikebukuro Part 1

September 13th

Went to Ikebukuro on the way to Shinjuku with a friend, Tina, to check out the iPhone 5S at a special Softbank that had Chinese employees which made communication easier. For her, not me, of course. My Chinese. haha.

But the friend that had given Tina instructions to the Softbank gave the wrong instructions! And Ikebukuro is HUMONGOUS so we kept walking and walking and walking and walking. We stopped at like three police stations asking for directions. We even stopped a dad with two kids (one who was afraid of us and hid behind her dad….do we really look that intimidating…) twice to assist us. It was kind of funny since one of the policemen kept asking which Waseda Academy we were looking for, while Tina insisted on there being one Waseda Academy. Near the Marui. In front of the station. Yeah the instructions were bad.

The Marui. You'd think it'd say marui, but nope.

The Marui. You’d think it’d say marui, but nope.

We ended up getting lunch at a gyudon place. It was full of guys. Like all the sit-in counter restaurants are filled with guys only – it’s so tough for girls to enter! I think like the patissieres and dessert shops are full of girls, but the food places are full of guys :/

Gyudon and Miso Soup

Gyudon and Miso Soup

The picture doesn’t look that appealing, right? The only veggie in the dish was onions. Which were brown.

We then stopped by Matsumoto Kiyoushi, which is basically like a drug and makeup store. I like their makeup, but it’s too expensive. For such a small bottle of BB Cream, I would not pay like $10. Face masks are more expensive than I thought, too.

The Rose of Versailles Face Masks. Effective?

The Rose of Versailles Face Masks. Effective?

I went in intending to buy Little Witch’s Mote Mascara (which I heard was highly recommended), but it was $20 for one. $20. I CANNOT AFFORD THAT. Okay maybe some people see makeup as an investment, but I think anything $10 and over is way too much. But I really want one…they survive humidity….

Little Witch's Mote Mascara

Little Witch’s Mote Mascara

Once we were outside, Tina’s friend finally contacted us. However, we still had to find our own way to the Softbank, which I thought was ridiculous. But we made it there safely, and I chose the gold colored iPhone for Tina. It’s gorgeous. I want one, but $500, no. In order to get the cheapest plan, we then had to go all the way back to the station to visit Docomo (to get a number from them, then switch to Softbank). Sadly, Tina didn’t bring her inkan (family stamp/seal) with her, so she couldn’t even fill out her contract today. Ended up going to Lawson’s 100円 shop instead. Which was lovely. Bought a baumkuchen and instant curry. I wanted to buy a Gari Gari-kun ice pop, but it’s considered rude to eat while walking in Japan…

We also had to go all the way to the entrance on the other side of Ikebukuro Station to go to Don Quihote and the other Matsumoto Kiyoushi. Don Quihote is one of the cheaper shops in Tokyo, but it was still…expensive to me. I ended up just buying an on sale bottle of face cleanser that apparently has a good reputation in China (Perfect Whip by Shiseido).

At Masumoto Kiyoushi, Tina bought a couple of things, too, while I noticed more ridiculous prices.

A Popular Shiseido (?) Product.

A Popular Shiseido (?) Product.

I don’t think of $105 as a deal…but I do know that this product is supposed to be very good. I would never buy it, though.

After making that last stop at Kiyoushi, we decided to just head home instead of going to Shinjuku. We were way too tired to deal with more walking. All that running around in circles really wearied us out.

Back at Hiyoshi, I visited Tina’s dorm and she made dinner for both of us (≧◡≦). It was a. uh. unique creation, but it still tasted good.

Tina's Homemade DInner. Giner, Tomatoes, Pork, Tofu, Udon, and Dou Jiang.

Tina’s Homemade DInner. Giner, Tomatoes, Pork, Tofu, Udon, and Dou Jiang.

I like udon.

Tina told me about a market next to Motosumiyoshi (her dorm) that sells select food for half off after 9 p.m. I decided to stay in her room until then. And it was worth it. Half off is very nice. Too bad it’s not closer to Hiyoshi International House. I bought some fish, cream filled donuts (not like the kind back home. These are not so sweet and bad for you), bread, and eggs.

The fish at the market looked so good, though. Too bad fish, contrary to expectation, is actually quite expensive in Japan. They even had octopus and squid. I want to eaaaaat.

Look at dat octopus

Look at dat octopus

Gorgeous fish filets. Need some of dat.

Gorgeous fish filets. Need some of dat.

Well, that pretty much sums up my day. Oh, by the way, I paid about $10 for like four, five products in the grocery store. Not bad.



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