Academic Advising Interview

September 19

I wrote this on the day of, but I needed to make some serious editing changes…

I’ll post the original after my one year stay for uh. reasons. I won’t be changing the tense of how I originally wrote it, though. Just be aware.

Today is just another one of those days where I need to vent out my frustrations.

The morning didn’t start off so badly. I woke up at 8:50 a.m., finished my morning routine, and ate my breakfast. I then went to MUFJ with Katrin to correct my papers. Apparently, I wrote an address in the wrong order. I just had to write it again and stamp it. I then had Katrin ask Sasaki (the teller who was helping me/called me) where I could cash a traveler’s check. She gave me a store name in Yokohama….but that requires me to take a train to another area and I didn’t have time for that. We finished in less than 30 minutes, then returned to Hiyoshi.

At 12:20 p.m. ish, Tina LINE’d me to ask about eating lunch together. I wasn’t sure, since there was a train at 12:37 that I wanted to catch. But I deduced that there would be more trains afterwards. I had an appointment at 2:30, there would be enough time. I thought.

Rice gruel, fish, and tofu + beef

Rice gruel, fish, and tofu + beef

So I went to Motosumiyoshi and ate fish, rice gruel, and tofu with beef, oyster sauce, and garlic. It was good. I left right after eating to catch the 1:37 train that would arrive at Mita at 2:09. I should;ve given myself more leeway, because today, I decided to take the A3 exit out of Mita. Actually, first, I accidently went the way off the station platform that led to the Amakusa Line – another train platform. I had to then walk all the way back to find the signs saying A1-7, and A7~. Tina told me before that A3 and A8 could take me to Keio, so I tried A3 – since I thought that was the one everyone usually used. Wrong.

I got terribly, horribly lost. Had to ask for directions three times. I’m pretty sure someone in the train station called me “harenchi” behind my back (to his friend), too, while I was walking super fast to get out. According to Google, “harenchi” means “shameless:” in Japanese slang. Thanks, guys. And I was late for my appointment. I knew the appointment form said to arrive at the interview building 10 minutes prior to your advising session, but I stupidly thought I could make it to Keio in 10. Of course, I didn’t.

Instead I got there 5 minutes late, while the students inside the waiting room (Patrick, George, and Juu) tried to console me. And sarcastically scolded me. I had to wait about 5-10 minutes for my appointment, and I apologized to my adviser. She said it was fine and asked me why, and when I explained it, she was basically like that’s a very gaijin [foreigner] thing to do.

To sum it up, academic advising isn’t very helpful. Just be aware that they can’t do anything about your level, and will tell you that basically the test placed you where you should be, but there are some chances to move up. But, in the meantime, hold back.

Afterwards, I left feeling miserable.

My dad had told me before that I needed to find a place to change my traveler’s check into cash and gave me a link to Google Maps filled with major banks in the area. I tried Mizuho Bank and finally figured out how to use GPS on my phone. Which drained my battery pretty fast, though. In any case, I totally forgot that banks close at 3 pm in Japan! So I made the 30 minute trip for nothing 😥 I dejectedly walked to a 7/11-I instead and looked through the snacks and found a pack of Maple Castella in the shape of cute animals for about ¥96.

Maple and Milk Suzu Castella

Maple and Milk Suzu Castella

There were Milk Suzu (bell-shaped) Castellas too, but I decided not to buy them because he texture was harder and I didn’t want to spend more money. Then walked for another 10 minutes until I reached Mita Station and took a 34 minute train ride back to Hiyoshi.

There, I went home and waited for Tina to finish meeting her friend (she stopped by to meet him at Hiyoshi, where he lives) and went with her back to Motosumiyoshi to have dinner together. On the way, saw Yo behind us, and Tina joked around with him. He was on his way to eat dinner with friends.

Selection of Ice Creams at My Basket. You can see the Mona-ou's - the green ones.

Selection of Ice Creams at My Basket. You can see the Mona-ou’s – the green ones.

We parted ways, and Tina and I went to her room. While she finished cooking the spareribs and mushrooms, I wrote in my journal. Then we went to My Basket to buy rice. They had a 30% sale on avocados, so I bought one. Also bought a green tea MonaOu (King of Monakas).

Cucumbers cooked with garlic, spareribs with mushrooms, and microwave rice

Cucumbers cooked with garlic, spareribs with mushrooms, and microwave rice

Back at Motosumiyoshi, Tina finished cooking cucumbers with garlic, and we ate. It was so good – especially the spareribs! It’s always nice to eat meat. When it’s so expensive. We then had about two hours to wait until we could go to Union again for 50% off.

Bought fish, tempura fish + chicken, two onigiri, three drinks (Orangina is cheaper here!), two ice creams (including another green tea monaka), and ginger. Spent ~¥1100. So okay, but a lot more than I usually spend. I was kind of disappointed, and especially scared when I finally looked into my spare money and realize I barely had any left.

Lesson of the day: ALWAYS MAKE SURE OF HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE LEFT. Especially in Tokyo. Try not to spend. Also, the oniku song in the meat section of Union really gets stuck in your head…

Went back to Hiyoshi.

And there ends my day.

Must finally study. Seriously.



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