Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival

Sunday, September 28

Moshi. Moshi. Nippon. Festival. FREE. for foreigners.

So wonderful, isn’t it?

My breakfast: Maple Castella fro 7&i Holdings

My breakfast: Maple Castella fro 7&i Holdings

That’s what occurred on September 28th. I followed a group of fellow Hiyoshi International House-r’s to Tokyo Taikukan (in front of Sendagaya Station), where the event was held. We all pretty much got separated, and it was kind of difficult to find where we were supposed to enter with our preregistration QR codes. But we found the area and, though

Tokyo Taikukan, and awesome style

Tokyo Taikukan, and awesome style

we were basically on time, we had to wait in a long line (and they ran out of free food coupons!). Well, foreigners were still given a couple of snacks, so it was all good.

Inside, as soon as I came down from the stairs, I bumped into Grace, Brandon, and Megan (ICU friends I went to TGS with). Hui, Geraldine (people I came with), and I were trying to follow them, but got lost in the crowd. Decided to check out the booths instead. But eventually just wandered over to the foreigner’s section of the stage-viewing area.

Moshi Moshi Nippon actually provides a whole front row area just for foreigners, and they will kick out whoever is not a foreigner from there (they can tell by the color wristband you wear – pink for foreigners).

Denpagumi, Inc

Denpagumi, Inc

Tempura Kidz. Wow fashion sense.

Tempura Kidz. Wow fashion sense.

We watched the opening two acts – Tempura Kidz and Denpagumi, Inc, with two fashion shows in between. I found it interesting that one model’s name was “Devil”…it’s kind of lame….

Something I noticed is that puffy earrings seem to be popular. Essentially, they’re just these huge stuffed spheres on earrings.

Oh right! Got to meet the hosts, too. There were three of them – one of whom knew English. The only one I

The hosts; Neeko is the one in the colorful dress and the half shaved hair

The hosts; Neeko is the one in the colorful dress and the half shaved hair

really remember is the voice actress, Neeko, though, because her voice was SO high and kind of hurt my ears…

After Geraldine got tired of the noise, we ended up wandering to yet another stage area, where a group called Drops was performing. It was really funny and interesting to see the fans all pumped up, dancing, and gathering in a circle. Idols are

Half of the members of Drops. They look so young...

Half of the members of Drops. They look so young…

really worshiped here, huh.

And then we went back to the booths in the main area and read all the signs. They had English and Japanese text, which was really nice. I was interested in the karaoke booth, where they were gathering (already signed up) participants to sing for a spot on the actual stage. They held these competitions in France and the UK, and a couple of the winner’s came to the event to sing on stage later that day in order to decide who was the best and win a signed Kyary Pamyu Pamyu poster and a white mic decorated with Swarovski crystals, designed by Kyary herself. The girl who was demonstrating how their karaoke

Natalie, the runner up of the UK competition, singing Sorairo Days by Shouko Nakagawa

Natalie, the runner up of the UK competition, singing Sorairo Days by Shouko Nakagawa

machine worked and graded their voices, had a really good singing voice. She was the runner up of the UK competition and half Japanese herself.

I knew that Moshi Moshi had some free hair something, and I finally found it at the loretta booth! They were doing free professional hair styling. However, the line was pretty long. But I really wanted to do it, so I waited the whole 30-40 minutes with Geraldine. Hui decided to leave us behind, since he didn’t need that sort of thing.

When it was finally my turn at the chair (there were probably about 6 stylists, so 6 people at a time), I left it up to my stylist as to what to do with my hair. As soon as he started moving it all behind my back, he exclaimed “Whoa. So long.” (In Japanese. He also said こしまで?

Loretta Booth

Loretta Booth

While waiting in line, saw a girl group called Super Girls....Super Junior much? Same amount of members...

While waiting in line, saw a girl group called Super Girls….Super Junior much? Same amount of members…

which basically means it’s long enough that it goes past the length of my torso). And I felt so bad for him, since he was just braiding, and braiding, and braiding forever lol. I saw Geraldine across from me, and her stylist was having trouble with her naturally curly hair, too, since she was struggling to comb through it.

But I really loved my hair after my stylist finished it up. It was very elegant. It reminded me of a hairstyle you’d wear with yukata, though (made me think of Maiko Fujita’s Hanabi cover). He even curled my bangs! I never knew curlers worked that quickly – the one I have at home is a hand-me-down from my mother, and it’s really bad at curling hair.

Of course. I took a million selfies because of my hair haha.

And then we decided to head outside to buy lunch. It was about ¥600 for two food coins, which, to me, is pretty expensive, since most things were worth two coins. Geraldine splurged on the five coins for ¥1500

Food coins just for the festival

Food coins just for the festival

and I went for the ¥600. Ended up being able to afford a mini size of curry and a chocolate sauce simple

The salted pork rice bowl

The salted pork rice bowl

crepe. Both weren’t that great to warrant spending a lot of money. Geraldine, with more coins, and thus, being able to afford better food, got the huge looking salted pork rice bowl and a mixed fruit and whipped cream crepe. We both wanted bubble tea, but the booth selling them was already closed.

After we ate, went back inside and checked out booths again. The Harajuku Kawaii booth was selling sunglasses in the shape of the word “kawaii” for ¥1000. SO EXPENSIVE. (Random fact: apparently, when you wear sunglasses in Japan, it’s a very foreigner thing to do, since people in Japan don’t wear them unless as a fashion statement. They use umbrellas to block out the sun). The Zipper booth was also offering nail art services for ¥1000 and ¥2000 depending on which design you wanted. I think the Olive des Olive booth was doing it for free, though. There was also a booth doing body art – basically face painting, but cooler.

Nail Art for ¥1000 (top two) and ¥2000 (sushi)

Nail Art for ¥1000 (top two) and ¥2000 (sushi)

I, however, noticed May’n on stage, and wanted to return to the special foreigner viewing section. Geraldine didn’t want to be close to the stage because of her sensitive ears, so we parted ways. Luckily, I found Grace, Brandon, and Megan (funnily enough) near the front of the foreigner section and joined them.

There was a guy holding up a no photos and no recording sign right in front of us, but I didn’t notice hijm and recorded May’n’s performance anyways…Actually there were really a lot of people taking pictures and videos anyways, even



though they knew about the sign. I felt pretty guilty and tried to hide what I was doing…but yeah. I still had the urge to take pictures.

After May’n, there was a break in which we just chatted. When the show restarted around 6:30, I think the karaoke competition went on first. There were five contestants, two from the UK (the winner and runner up from that region), one from France, and two from Japan (that were found on the day of). I thought the 16 year old from France was the best, but Mugi, one of the girls from Japan, won with her 91.8ish score. That Swarovski crystal mic, though…do want.

Afterwards, there was a fashion show for FRUiTs and Animate’s cosplay.

And then, finally, the main attraction:…..KYARY PAMYU PAMYU.

Solo Shot! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu~

Solo Shot! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu~

You heard it right – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, of PONPONPON fame (I think it became famous in my senior year of high school…?). Now I’m not a fan, really, but it’s still cool to see a celeb, no? She seemed really calm and nice, not like what I thought she would be like. She can also actually sing. I always thought she was maybe autotuned or something, but she sang a bit in acapella, and it sounded exactly like the recording. Her dancers were the best, though. They were super energetic and had the funniest,





overexaggerated expressions! Honestly, they might’ve just been my favorite part of her performance. But they were really pushing her hard during Moshi Moshi. She was like the poster child of the event.

Also, I was surprised that Kyary performed PONPONPON second to last. I thought it would be the last song, but she had Fashion Monster as her final song, instead – in what, she said, was the most “true” song to her.

And with the final bow (and a selfie from the whole cast on stage), we left and took the train to Shinjuku to have a late dinner at a station restaurant. I wasn’t too keen on spending more money, but I did need to eat, so I chose the cheapest dish, while Megan, Brandon, and Grace all got the same [meat] pasta. It was pretty good.

As the only one not from ICU, I had to take the train home myself once again – still worried I would get lost. At least I didn’t have to get on a green train this time and pay extra for the ride!

My nummy pasta looks dry...

My nummy pasta looks dry…

*Advice point: BRING or BUY an external battery for your phone. You WILL need it. Mine runs out of battery all the time, and I’m never close to my dorm or an outlet, so I could definitely use one…They run about ¥2000 at Yamada Electronics in the Tokyu Department Store by Hiyoshi.

So ended my day. My first concert was extra special – in Japan! AND FREE.

But I now know that earplugs are really important in concerts, because your hearing deteriorates a lot after being so close to loud speakers…




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