Third Week at Keio

October 6, Monday

Typhoon came. Couldn’t tell at all. It was so sunny outside and the weather was so nice, I just didn’t understand how school was cancelled. Not that that was beneficial for me, anyways. I don’t normally have classes Monday.

Nonetheless, I stayed at home all day.

October 7, Tuesday



Sadly, even though I was hoping the typhoon would cause school to be cancelled, it wasn’t cancelled.

Had three classes, and for lunch, I ate udon from the cafeteria. Then I had a field day at Daiso in the afternoon.

October 8, Wednesday

Went to Yokohama again to deal with Citibank. Well, first I went to Tsunashima (which is huge) to pick up my cash card at the post office. It was quite a long walk from the station, and the attendant at the package pick-up center didn’t know how to read my passport, so I used my residence card as my ID instead.

Then, straight to Yokohama, where I had to sign another contract for foreign money transfers.

Advice: don’t ever bring a check with you to Japan. It will just cause you so much misfortune. They don’t take checks like anywhere, and, even though Citibank let me put it in my account, they charged me ¥2000 to do so. It also takes 15 business days to go through, and you can’t even take out the money in yen – you have to transfer the money to yen later and call their number. I look forward to that on the 30th.

In the evening, though, I had Revolve practice. Needless to say, I pretty much ran away from practice today, since I was late and felt to awkward to even enter the room. They looked like they were doing formations and I hadn’t even learned any pieces or tried out, so I didn’t have a place there.

But at least skipping practice led to something good. I got to see the lunar eclipse and meet a Hiyoshi resident who used a super good lens to take close-up pictures of the red moon outside of my dorm. I (and

Kobatake helped me set my camera so it could take okay pictures of the eclipse

Kobatake helped me set my camera so it could take okay pictures of the eclipse

Kino, an exchange student from Michigan) thought the guy, Kobatake, was a college student, but he was actually….fourteen.

What. SO YOUNG. (and because he’s only in middle school he’s not allowed to have an email, facebook, or LINE, which….I thought was funny, since I think I made mine all in 7th grade…)

Mina, one of the RAs also joined us and we just watched and took pictures of the moon before the clouds covered the view.

October 9, Thursday

Nothing much. School. Got to see the second floor cafeteria in the West Building for the first time. They have bigger plates and are more worth the price. But I was a cheapo and bought the ¥100 six pack mini bread sticks from Family Mart for my lunch. Ching bought the curry, though.



I also bought a ¥100 limited edition roasted butter croissant from Family Mart for dinner, since I had class until 7:40 ish.

October 10, Friday

I accidentally fell asleep the day before before studying for my kanji test, so my morning was spent studying. It wasn’t too bad in the end – I know I got two questions wrong, though.

Classes, then the Welcome Party for new Keio students (mostly international exchange students, since regular students had to pay ¥500 for entry). The spread of food was so good and amazing. They had takoyaki,

meat, sandwiches – dessert and non-dessert ones, choux pastries, chocolate mousse tarts, marshmallow

Food spread!!!

Food spread!!!

and caramel cupcakes, yakisoba, fried rice, and some salad with salmon. They also provided juices and alcohol – red and white wine and beer. I tried the alcohol, but I decided I still hate alcohol.

I wanted to make new friends, but I ended up basically catching up with old ones. I talked to Yan and Yo the whole time (a little to Juu, Kyuu, George, Ching, too). But I did meet one of the Keio Global members who was taking pictures for

We so legit we got our own chopsticks

We so legit we got our own chopsticks

the site. He was from Washington State. But dang, I just checked Keio Global, and he hasn’t posted pictures from the party yet…

It was fun catching up with Yan and Yo, though. They’re always so fun and we tease each other a lot. Even though we don’t hang out or see each other that much, nothing ever changes between us.




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