7/11 Mont Blanc GariGari-kun Review

…because I can.

And because it was beyond delicious.

Just a little background for those who have no idea what GariGari kun is: it’s an “ice cream” brand that’s been around since 1981. I put quotations around ice cream, since it’s more like an ice pop. It’s not creamy or smooth – it crunches like ice. There are various flavors of the dessert including grape, milk, and original (like a ramune/soda flavor). Every once in a while, an interesting i.e. strange flavor is released. Some of these include corn soup, spaghetti, and stew.

Luckily, I haven’t spotted those yet.

I’ve yet to try anything other than the original, since it’s also the cheapest one. Until today.DSC_0912

I found out about the mont blanc flavored GariGari kun when I wandered into a 7/11 and saw a sign advertising it at the ice cream sections. Sadly, they were out of it that day, so I went back today to check if they were back in stock. And they were! So I got to buy it. For more than twice (!!) the price of the original!

But I do have to say it was worth it.

Now we get to the actual review part.

When I opened the package, it looked….icy. You could see flakes of ice that formed around the popsicle. It was a light brown in color, unlike the regular blue ones. The first bite was…strange. I couldn’t tell if I liked

Icy outer layer

Icy outer layer


The bottom is a different color; shows off the whipped cream


The inside! Chestnut paste!!!

the taste at all. I never really liked nuts that much, so chestnuts aren’t my thing, but as I started eating the ice pop and got to the center, everything started tasting better. The chestnut flavored ice was very thin, with a layer of white frozen whipped cream inside and a chestnut paste in the very center. The paste tasted more like azuki/red bean paste to me, since it had the same consistency of red bean soup (zenzai) and the chestnut pieces seemed very bean-like, since it was soft. The combination of all these elements made for one tasty treat. I especially loved the whipped cream! It was kind of a weird texture when you looked at it, but it was smooth and tasted exactly like it should. I’ve never had an actual mont blanc yet, so I will be comparing it when I do try one later!

I definitely recommend this one to those who are in Japan – and to those not, hope that they bring these back, since GariGari kuns come in and out of season, and most new flavors are limited edition except for a few staples.


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