Harajuku at Week Seven

3 November 2014, Monday

I found something interesting at Musashi Koyama.

don don

20141103_192556 - ufo catcher


You do not understand how amused I was by this Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒ

I was so tempted to try the UFO catcher for this, but no, I could not afford it.

4 November 2014, Tuesday

After classes, this was the first time I got to go to Harajuku! I went with Tammy, who basically had the day off due to the Soukeisen (Keio vs Waseda baseball game) – which, by the way, doesn’t apply to JLP

Wonder Rocket decor

Wonder Rocket decor

students! Anyways, we went to Harajuku around 4 pm, and it was lovely. They sell a ton of cheap clothing and accessories along Takeshita Street (which is pretty famous!) and the famous Angels Heart crepe store is also there! Tammy showed me her favorite spots, including Wonder Rocket, which is a mori girls store

(please look up mori girls on Google! It’s a type of fashion that takes inspiration from more natural elements, incorporating browns, toned down yellows, red, etc; it’s semi-girly). I finally got to buy those white pom pom earrings for pretty cheap at Paris Kids!  They have a ton of cheap accessories – hair bands, earrings, etc. I was tempted to buy, but I’ll definitely be going again, so I only bought the pom pom earrings so far! We went to a few stores and bought some things before we hit the crepe stores. Since Tammy isn’t a fan of overly sweet things, we chose Angels Heart, which was advertising a Matcha Ice Cream + Matcha Cheesecake Crepe for ¥590. Yes, super expensive, but it was so worth. It was absolutely delicious. The crepe was slightly crisp on the top but soft overall – so much better than the one I had at Moshi Moshi. The cheesecake was a bit too sweet, but the matcha ice cream was to die for – as it always is. Not overly sweet, but not bitter.

Watch out for this store!

Watch out for this store!

It's a vision of loveliness.

It’s a vision of loveliness.

After we finished off our delectable crepes, we went off to a bunch of other stores. Found another mori girls store, which sold a huge variety of shoes for ¥1980, which wasn’t a bad price, but I didn’t feel up to buying any, since I’ll probably be coming back. Tammy bought a pair, though even though she swore not to buy anymore shoes. When we were headed to Laforet, found a shoe store selling heels and flats of the same style for ¥500! Of course, I just had to buy a pair.

In Laforet,  everything was too expensive (Shibuya style clothing), so pass. We went back to Takeshita Street.

All in all, bought about more than ¥2500. I bought a long green skirt for ¥1500, earrings for ¥324ish, a hair accesory for ¥100, and shoes for ¥500! Crepe for ¥590, though. Oh, we also did a capsule machine for Magic Knight Rayearth keychains! Both of us got Umi and Hikaru. I really wanted Lantis and Mokona, though…

Well, Tammy and I headed back to Hiyoshi and ate at Grazie, which is across from Motosumiyoshi dorm. It’s kind of like Saizeriya in its prices and food, but offers this Festa course for ¥999, which includes appetizer, main dish, and dessert. It was pretty good. I ordered octopus gazpacho for my appetizer, chicken steak with demi-glace (comes with fries, broccoli, and rice), and a puchi ichigo cake.

Octopus Gazpacho

Octopus Gazpacho

Chicken Steak

Chicken Steak

The gazpacho was listed as spicy, but it wasn’t really. Most of the spiciness was in a sauce at the very bottom of the plate. The chicken was juicy, and how it should be, but I wonder why they always have such a thick layer of fat skin on top…and the broccoli, lol, only two spears. But fries are always good. The puchi cake was kind of dense – only two tiny slices of

Puchi Ichigo Cake

Puchi Ichigo Cake

cake! I kind of wish I got the pannacotta like Tammy, instead. But it was pretty worth it, I suppose.

Then we paid and left for HIH!


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