Week Six…already?!

For the sake of having a regular schedule and posting…not randomly lol, I’m going to start only writing about important events that go on. I won’t be covering every day like before (though I kind of wish I could – it just feels right to me, since I use this as a second journal). Well, I’ll try not to. I might just cover points of each day haha.

So I haven’t posted at all since ICU’s school festival!

28 October 2014, Tuesday

If you study abroad at Keio, take one of Takagi’s classes! I’m in his conversation III class, and he was nice enough to get everyone a small bag of Halloween treats!

29 October 2014, Wednesday

First visit to the Pokemon Club (Battle Subway Hiyoshi Eki in the International Clubs handbook) during lunch period. There were only 1st year students, since Hiyoshi is difficult for 3rd and 4th years to come to. Hiyoshi is for 1st and 2nd years and Mita is 3rd and 4th. There weren’t a lot of people, and they were all guys >.< Afterwards, bought a lovely custard taiyaki! If you want a relatively cheap taiyaki, buy from Tokyu! They’re about $1.16 for a anko or custard filled one.

Custard Taiyaki

Custard Taiyaki

Revolve practice in the afternoon. I actually got to participate and learn a piece this time! But Revolve….sigh. I still just cannot get into their group.

31 October 2014, Friday

Got to visit the Camera Club for the first time! Just a rule of thumb: clubs won’t necessarily email you back or anything (I still haven’t heard from two!) so it’s best to find someone in the club or ask around and go to the meetings yourself. I was in luck, since a friend in Motosumiyoshi knew one of the RAs had been in the camera club, so I contacted him and he showed me around! I had to come late, since the club was from 6-7:30, but I finished class at 6, and had to take the train back to Hiyoshi (which takes almost an hour). On Fridays, it seems like a lesson is taught or something, and then everyone edits the same photo with Photoshop and explains the reasons for their changes. When activities finish, we went to the station, said our goodbyes to those who decided to leave, and then went together to dinner at this tenpura/don place at Hiyoshi. The members were all pretty friendly, and asked me a ton of questions when we sat down for dinner. It was really funny, since they tried to find where I was from on Google Maps.

Aji Fry!

Aji Fry!

There was a separate menu for lunch and dinner, and I almost accidentally ordered from the lunch menu, but got corrected embarrassingly by the club members. So I ordered the one thing I didn’t know on the menu: the aji fry. Because, what the heck is aji? It turned out to be fried fish. I might’ve swallowed a bone. But it was really good. Like all fried foods are.

After dinner, we once again met at the station, said our actual goodbyes and ended the club with a round of hand claps. One of the members actually lives in Hiyoshi, though, so we walked together a ways.

Camera Club, so far, is my favorite club. Even though everyone is “shy,” they’re super friendly and it seems like I can make friends in it!

Random tidbit: I also ate Haagen-Dazs Chestnut ice cream (waguri) afterwards and oh-my-gosh, it is delicious. Recommended! It’s also a seasonal flavor, so get it while you can!


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