Purin Purin Rich GariGari-Kun Review

Here comes another GariGari-Kun!

I came by this one by chance x3 I was searching around for the newest (ending of Naruto!) issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and when I gave up on finding it – it was sold out quickly – I wandered into a Family Mart and looked into their ice cream cabinet. AND FOUND THIS.

So, we’ll start with the wrapper. There’s usually about three different wrappers for each flavor, so I choose the one I like the most, or the one I can only find one of. They’re always not very attractive, but hey, the ice bar itself is delicious! Just beware that the special flavors are ¥129, which is more than regular purin or the regular or new shiroi sour flavor Garigaris.

GariGari Kun Wrapper

GariGari Kun Wrapper

When I opened the package, I was kind of surprised at how yellow the color of the bar was.

The bar

The bar

It wasn’t a bright, neon yellow or anything, but pretty much as yellow as a cup of purin is supposed to be. After tearing open the wrapper, I excitedly took my first bite. And I wasn’t disappointed! The snack really tastes like pudding! It’s pretty amazing and made me crave the real thing. It has a custardy taste, bordering on eggy (it made me think of egg custard). The wrapper says it has a layer of purin ice cream around purin flavored shaved ice with two squirts of caramel sauce in the middle of the right and left sides. The caramel sauce

Look at dat caramel

Look at dat caramel

was a pleasant surprise. I actually probably could have done without the shaved ice, but it wouldn’t be GariGari-Kun without it. It would just be purin ice cream (which I wouldn’t mind having…!).

I savored it to the last bite.

All in all, it really tasted like purin. I’m surprised how true to flavor Garigaris can be.


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