Sh*t Kingz and Dance Life

16 November 2014, Sunday

The ticket I bought two month ago was finally put to use today. Sh*t Kingz and I was so excited! I missed rehearsal for Revolve for this, but it was totally worth it – plus, I doubt anyone noticed I was gone…

I intended to go to Motosumiyoshi in the morning with Geraldine, so she could show me the cheap grocery store there, but she was still finishing up her oil painting for Mita-sai, so I stayed at home for the morning and afternoon. I still haven’t gotten used to the timing of the trains and estimating when I should leave my dorm, so I kind of left a bit late for the show. Door open at 17:00, but I definitely got there much later. I met Tristan, a JET member and fellow dancer (friends of friends), at Hachiko in Shibuya and then we took the same line to Sangenjaya. While we were crossing the street, Tony, one of Tristan’s aquaintances, and also a dancer and filmer, snuck up behind us. We went to the Setagaya Public Theater together. To be honest, I was so surprised that Tristan’s Japanese….was far worse that mine.

The people dressed up to take your ticket outside of the theater were all in suits, and the place was so fancy, I thought we were going to the opera or something.

Yay merchandise!

Yay merchandise!

It was too high-class. In the lobby, people were selling official Sh*t Kingz Weekday Playday stuff: pamplets, towels, hoodies, shoes, posters, and t-shirts. I held myself back at first, since I only had ¥2000 on me. Headed to our seats first (since I was the last to buy my ticket, my seat wasn’t with the others), dropped stuff off, wanted to take pictures, but was warned not to (the staff really watch you like a hawk), then gave in and went back to the lobby to buy stuff. I should’ve just went with a pamphlet and the money-jar-can (used on set), but I just had to buy myself a ¥3500 t-shirt. Had to

Sh*t Kingz Shoes!

Sh*t Kingz Shoes!

borrow money from Tristan to make the purchase. I feel like that price….might be worse than Kodachrome prices. Tony, however, went and bought the dance-dress shoes for like ¥16800! I could never buy $100 shoes…

The show itself was really funny. I enjoyed it quite a bit – or, at least, when it got to the second half of the first half. I didn’t really like the first couple of dances. I really like watching lock and sharp movements, so it wasn’t until the Boss got on the stage that I started enjoying myself. I was also pretty surprised that the show was like watching Broadway, without the narration. It was a show, and not a dance exhibition like I had expected.

The storyline was basically about four workers, who had a tough boss and problems with rats chewing up their merchandise. The first scene was a banter between two of the workers. After lunch (in which only three members received lunch), there was a Noppo solo. He also got in trouble with the boss for hitting something through a window and it hitting him. The part where he started pointing and blaming members of the audience was funny. When he was discovered, though, one of the other Sh*t Kingz members came out in a blue Hannah Montana style wig and a long skirt….and acted like a flamboyant girl. It was…..hilarious. There was also a drunk-after-work scene and a solo there.

In the second half, the focus was on mice in the factory. The Sh*t Kingz were so cut as mice! They had on hats with eats and a squeaky nose on the hat that they would squeak for the mice voices. It was so funny.

Sh*t Kingz!

Sh*t Kingz!

After the mice ended up eating and ruining most of the merchandise and the workers were feeling down and unable to meet their quota (?), helmets came from the sky, and when they would  wear them, suddenly, they were filled with power and dance. But it didn’t work for one of the members, so he had to be berated and given encouragement from the rest before it worked. That scene might’ve been my favorite.

But in the end, the mouse blew up their factory and the tale ended. With four encores.

Some highlights: Noppo did well in recovering from a mistake and the rest incorporating it into the show – his mop head came off, and when one of the other members gathered the mops together, he bowed and apologized

I met Tristan, Ruby, Jasmine, and Tony (all JETS but Tony) and then headed down to the lobby, where Tristan and Tony talked to Shaun Evaristo and Ben from Jabberwockies omg. They were there for the show, too. Jasmine and Ruby had to catch their last trains home, so, after Tristan and Tony finished up, I went to the ATM and paid back Tristan, and proceeded to buy myself a pamphlet. for ¥1000. I spent a lot at Sh*t Kingz.

Then we went to dinner at this yakiniku place, where everything was ¥280. I bought cheese mochi,

Cheese Mochi

Cheese Mochi

chicken-heart-shio, and toriyaki don. Shaun and Ben joined



us later, and we all just chatted around the table. Shaun, especially, asked everyone what their favorite things were (actor, movie, color, place to visit, etc).  He was also a vegetarian, so the place we chose to eat at was not the best place to be.

Afterwards, we got a group photo together, Tony paid for everyone, and we went home. Tristan warned me that I was fangirling too much and was too quiet and dancers don’t like that kind of people….so I actually felt super down for the rest of the day. I guess I should stop taking so many pictures. The problem is, I’m not a talkative person, so when you first meet me, I’m always quiet. I also didn’t feel like I was fangirling…since, to be honest, I didn’t even know who those people were until I was told haha. I know their names, but not what they look like. But Ben and Shaun were teaching a workshop the next day at En Studio in Shibuya. I heard that Lyle Beniga is teaching next April, as well, so I’ll probably go and check it out.

Swag from the show

Swag from the show

I spent way too much that day, but it was fun. And I got to meet people. That I will never meet again lol.


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