Week before Mita-sai

17 November 2014, Monday

I read manga. Like literally the whole day. It’s been a while, so I forgot how addicted I get to them.

But in the evening, had a meeting with the English class part-time I joining. I was a bit late, but still made it. Just talked about details.

At home, had to study and memorize a speech.

18 November 2014, Tuesday

Speech day. I memorized a lot of it, but I just could not do it! I forget everything when I stand in front of a crowd….

After school, paid my Cuttaloca fee (an online Japanese service that matches amateur hair stylists with cut models – so a haircut for a cheaper price!) and accidentally signed up for Ponta (the point card at Lawson) saying I’m married, since I had no idea what the kanji was for single or married…

At Hiyoshi, went to Mister Donut, which was having a ¥100 sale on some of the donuts. I bought ¥400

They always have this sale sometime

They always have this sale sometime

worth: the chocolate, custard waff, double chocolate pon de ring, and the angel cream. I wanted to buy the old fashioned, too, but I limited myself….thinking I could buy it the next day – but the sale was only until the 18th. Then my weekly grocery shopping at OK Mart. I also made a stop at My Basket in Hiyoshihoncho and omigosh they had a ton of Pokemon figurines and stuff for 30% off. I was about ready to buy four of them, but I limited myself to two in order to not spend so much…..Bought a mini Mega Gardevior and Mega Lucario figurine. And bought a couple of Asian breads.

Pokemon on sale

Pokemon on sale

I also checked my mail and I received a postcard from England!!!! My friend, Sirui, is studying abroad at Oxford for the year, and by chance, he decided to send a postcard to me since there was a buy 2 get one deal or something. haha. It was by chance, but it was still really nice to receive! I was smiling while reading it on the way home. Handwritten things are the best after all.

19 November 2014, Wednesday

Was thinking of going out today, but I have Revolve practice at 6:15, so I just stayed at home and…ate. The problem is that when I have nothing to do, I just feel like eating. There’s too many good foods here….and I buy too many sweet, calorific things haha.

Revolve Practice

Revolve Practice

This week is also the start of Mita-sai, so school is canceled from tomorrow until next Tuesday!!!! So I essentially only had class for one day this week! Nice!

After Revolve, Geraldine was headed out to a cheap supermarket at Motosumiyoshi, so I followed along. It wasn’t too far of a walk from the dorm, and it was pretty cheap. I think that Motosumiyoshi’s veggies are the cheapest I’ve seen so far. Technically, OK Mart is still the best store, though (for cheap groceries). They had pretty good priced New Year’s cards, though. They were all under the Sanrio brand, too, amusingly. Oh, but they do have cheaper meats, when they put them at 1/2 off after 9.

New Year's Hitsuji

New Year’s Hitsuji

On the way to the grocery store, I found the animal donuts store that Rocketnews24 wrote an article on! Unfortunately, they close around 8, so I didn’t make it in time to buy any.

At home, I just ate dinner.

20 November 2014, Thursday

No class because of Mita-sai. Went exploring Hiyoshi and Motosumiyoshi with Geraldine instead. I got trapped for an hour fixing my cash card at Mitsubishi UFJ (my bank), though. But I was stupid and accidentally kept typing in my PIN wrong. I had to change it anyways. That wasted an hour.

We first went around the Tokyu department stores. I’ve never been to the other side of the store, and this was the first time I went. I never knew there was a bookstore there. And expensive restaurants, but that’s a given.

Super expensive Sailor Moon merchandise in the bookstore

Super expensive Sailor Moon merchandise in the bookstore

We just walked around a bit – Geraldine marveled at the English language manga they had on one of the shelves – then headed to Motosumiyoshi. This time, we were in time for the donuts! The staff member was super friendly at Ikumi Mama’s Animal Donuts and explained the differences between all the donuts for me. I ended up buying the matcha and the frog (cranberry chocolate) donuts. They’re quite expensive, but they are homemade and animal shaped! You also get to choose which face you want (they’re all different).

Homemade Animal Donuts!

Homemade Animal Donuts!

We visited a variety of other stores – including one with kitchen ware, and a flower shop. Geraldine was looking for a bag for her koto picks, but couldn’t find one in the end. On the way home, I went into the Ongaku Tai Bakery. I really liked the logo, and I bought two croissants for ¥100 each. Geraldine bought the really expensive french toast….

They also sold huge rolled brioche bread. I might just go back and buy one even though they are still quite expensive…

French Toast at Ongaku Tai

French Toast at Ongaku Tai

Then returned home. I soon had Revolve practice after that (Around 7:40)

21 November 2014, Friday

This day was just full of Revolve. We had two practices, since the performance was the day after. The first practice was at 9am, which was killing me. I literally slept like 2-3 hours, because I thought practice was at 3pm. I also didn’t know we were supposed to have two practices until a member reminded me…

At least I ate the cranberry frog in the morning.

Cranberry Chocolate Frog Cake Donut - just look at his face!

Cranberry Chocolate Frog Cake Donut – just look at his face!

I was super excited in the evening, though. My Cuttaloca appointment was at 8:30, and I got to Musashi-Kosugi more than 30 minutes early. Everyone was probably wondering why a weird girl was walking around in circles randomly in Musashi-Kosugi. It was because I needed to waste time…

Anyways, inside the store, one of the staff took my bag, jacket, and scarf. I was handed a sheet to fill out and seated. It was all in Japanese, and I knew…some of it, but not all of it. Luckily, I didn’t need to fill out too much, though (just name, date, magazines I read, etc). Murayama (the stylist) then came and we talked a bit. I left the cut up to her, but she didn’t seem to want to cut that much. First was the shampoo and rinse, then she proceeded to cut my hair. Stylists are supposed to make small chit-chat while doing their work, and she kind of did it, but there were a lot of quiet moments. I guess even more so, since I’m a foreigner. Sometimes, she’d have her boss come up to look at how she’s progressing, too.

My cut ended up being to my chest (it used to be to the end of my torso), and she only cut bangs up to my chin. I actually kind of wanted bangs, though…

And then was the coloring. I have no idea about that sort of thing, so I chose a safer (darker) brown and slightly red color. As I waited for the mixture to set on my hair, Murayama placed hot cocoa in front of me (yummmmm – and the stuff is expensive! I drank all of it).



How the color turned out really wasn’t to my expectation, though. You can barely see it – only at the roots can you tell it’s a bit red.

Honestly, no one at all has noticed I got a hair cut OR coloring. So I’m actually super disappointed in this cut. Also, my hair…is super puffy at the bottom now…

After everything (8:30-11pm), I took a picture with Murayama (only one other staff member was left, taking a picture of his cut model), paid ¥1500, and left. Murayama told me that next time, I can color for ¥1000, but I’m not sure I want to go again, considering how badly everything turned out this time. I guess you gotta be sure to have a haircut in mind before going to Cuttaloca meetings. I’ll try it again later, since I really want to color my hair and to get a drastic haircut.



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