Random Tidbits from the last week of November

26 November 2014, Wednesday

As you guys probably know already, I don’t have classes on Wednesdays. I didn’t have Revolve practice either, so I was pretty free. I finally decided to head over to LaLaPort near Kamoi Station to pick up free Darkrai Pokemon Tretta pieces from buying Pokemon bread. The ride wasn’t long, but it costed about ¥330 each way. So, quite expensive…

Pokemon stuff

Pokemon stuff

The trains were also surprisingly crowded. Also Google Maps sucks and told me a super long, roundabout way to get to LaLaPort. But I made it, finally, and headed to Namco and traded in my stickers for two Darkrais. And I walked around and took a bunch of pictures. They had a lot of purikura stations. I bought a Pokemon dust plug from one of the capsule machines (for ¥200) and got Pikachu right away.

I recommend not using dust plugs from capsule machines. I had that for all of four days before it the charm fell off my phone (so it’s forever lost).

Then I explored the mall. They had a lovely bakery, the makeup/lotion store I’ve been looking for (Orbis – expensive!), and Forever 21. I shopped around, but didn’t buy anything. There was a sweets fair going on in the center of the mall, so I purchased a cafe au lait donut from Misaki Donuts for ¥180. I was tempted to buy half a matcha castella for ¥500, but I held myself back. I headed home.

27 November 2014, Thursday

It was hard to get back into the groove of things. Case class was interesting, though. Had to make use of sticky notes to make a chart on the table with your group. It was amusing. And afterwards, went with Tammy to the student store and bought snacks. I bought two packs of Pringles (I don’t even like Pringles, but they had consomme and cheese fondue flavors, which we don’t have in America) and takoyaki flavored umaibo. I wasn’t sure if my art class was still going on, so I waited for a bit, but then read a Facebook post saying it was cancelled. So I went straight home.

28 November 2014, Friday

Classes. And then Camera Club! I came late, as usual. Sumire gave me a piece of her homemade Yuzu Pound Cake, though, which was absolutely delicious. After club, we all headed to dinner in Hiyoshi. Had to

My ramen

My ramen

check three places before we could get seats. Went to a Chinese restaurant (they must really like Chinese. Had that last time + our last meeting on the 26th dinner is Chinese food…) and had to separate into two groups. I sat with Arisa, Sumire, Noguchi, and Kan-chan. I got the cheapest thing on the menu. Sumire, surprisingly, loves bean sprouts. They taste like nothing, though…

Sumire's Moyashi Soba

Sumire’s Moyashi Soba

And we took longer than the other group to finish eating and socializing. Noguchi barely touched his food, though (he was at a drinking party beforehand). At the station, Kiga (Ryotaro), Yota, and Koba-ken planned on going drinking after. Sumire, Arisa, Meijin, and Noguchi opted out. I joined them, however, at the Hub, which is, funnily enough, right inside one of Hiyoshi Campus’ buildings. Promoting drinking much? I got the Bailey’s Chocolate Shake, which sounded good. I should’ve gotten the Kahlua Milk, though (I’ll get it next time!). It was pretty good, but tasted like one of those alcoholic chocolates. Everyone else got like beer or gin. And I don’t know what a Red Eye is composed of, but Koba-ken got that. In the drinks menu, there was a ¥1330 ish super super tall glass of beer that was interesting.

The hang out wasn’t that fun. It was pretty quiet (two other club members I’ve never met before also went), and, well, my Japanese isn’t great enough for conversation + add that I’m shy and not that talkative, so….

Bailey's Chocolate Shake

Bailey’s Chocolate Shake

It was meh. They mostly talked about where to go to take pictures during summer break.

And we stayed until 10. I headed home (everyone else had to go to the station) and did some last minute homework and went to bed.

29 November 2014, Saturday

I always hate Saturday class. Afterwards, though, Chou and I headed to Hiyoshi to get lunch at Hamazushi. We both only spent about ¥500 on food.

Steamed Egg from Hamazushi

Steamed Egg from Hamazushi

It was pretty filling, though – only 8 pieces of sushi. Then we went to Tokyu’s taiyaki store to buy dessert. I got the anko filled taiyaki this time, which was good! The cream one is good, too, which is what Chou got. Then we separated and I went to OK Mart to buy groceries. Made it under ¥2000 this time, which is great, but I should’ve bought eggs. I finally found cheap hot cake mix, though.

I hurried home after and put my stuff up, then went to Family Mart to meet up with Akane to buy our BIGBANG concert tickets. I was late to meet her, so was stressing out. Walking to OK Mart is like literally 30 minutes one way…

The tickets were ¥10638 per person, so, yes, a lot of money. We both had the exact amount and paid it. I held on to the ticket. We talked for a bit, then went to our own respective dorms. I was tired out and didn’t do anything the rest of the day.

30 November 2014, Sunday

I had plans to go to Ikebukuro with a friend. Had being the keyword. She cancelled on me yet again.



So I was online shopping in the morning and talking to a friend on FB. At 4:30 ish, I headed out to Tsunashima to go shopping at Book Off Bazaar. It was pretty crowded on the bottom floor because there was a 20% off sale going on. I tried on a lot of things, but only bought one ¥400 shirt. Then went upstairs and suddenly everything became more difficult. Choosing what to buy and what not to buy is so difficult. I ended up being in Book Off until closing time at 10pm. I am that indecisive and that much of a shopper…

But, seriously, they had so many CDs for less than ¥300, and manga for ¥108. I

OHSHC vol 2

OHSHC vol 2

couldn’t help myself! I looked for drama CDs, too, but I couldn’t really find any I wanted…But I made the fatal mistake of looking through the clearance anime and omg, I found Fruits Basket, Chrno Crusade, and Ouran High School Host Club for ¥500!!! I couldn’t hold myself back. I had to have Ouran High School Host Club. I ended up buying volumes 1 and 2 (the ones they had). I almost bought Brothers Conflict vol.1 (the box was so pretty!), but I’ve never watched it and I don’t know much about BroCon, so I held myself back. I really wanted it, though….

I ended up buy a drama CD, an anime vocal CD, School Food Punishment’s RPG single, the Ouran Host Club Fanbook, and the two DVD volumes of Ouran. It was all under ¥2000, but it’s still a lot. I could be buying other stuff, you know >.< It’s so hard. But I was there for like 5-6 hours and I came up with that lot.

And then I went home, ate dinner, etc.

It was tough.


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