English Teacher, Sunshine City, Okachimachi Field Trip, Harajuku Meetup

1 December 2014, Monday

Wanted new shoes so I went to Lalaport again to find those 50% off shoes at F21, but they were out! Dangit. Afterwards, went to work at the English Conversation class for the first time. Two other study abroad students and I were helpers and taught these two middle school kids and one adult. I was mostly paired with the male student, Hideaki, and….it was tough. He was way too quiet and it was difficult to make any sort of conversation. Yume, the girl, was super friendly and willing to learn though.

It was just unfortunate, but the work itself was quite easy.

Back at home at Hiyoshi, though, I headed to the Lawson and bought fried chicken, which was 20 yen off that day. It was really, really different from American fried chicken. Then spices are completely different. It’s much tamer.

Lawson's Chicken

Lawson’s Chicken

2 December 2014, Tuesday

After classes, I went home, then met one of my classmates, Chou, at the train station to head to Hiyoshi. We almost missed each other, since there are two ticket stations, but luckily I found her when I was about to give up and go back to the dorm. We made the long trip to Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City to head to Alta, which is a section of the alpa mall that has a bunch of cheap clothing and shoes.

My favorite word

My favorite word

And it was hard to find, but so worth it. Everything was so cheap! I only really managed to buy a shirt, though I spent a bunch of time window shopping. Something funny I found was the Kareshi Kare packets – a picture of an anime guy on a packet of instant curry. It was hilarious. We stayed until

Boyfriend Curry and Bath Salts

Boyfriend Curry and Bath Salts

nearly closing time, then headed to the Sega arcade, since I wanted to get purikura. Tried to find it on the basement floor, but found a bunch of otome game stuff in UFO catchers instead. One of them had Hakuoki bento boxes in it! So we just had to try (I am in need of a bento box), but we couldn’t get it, even though we both tried multiple times……

I had to ask a shop attendant for where the purikura was located – on the 6th and 7th floors (the uppermost floors). The topmost floor had cosplay you didn’t have to pay for – so I just had to try! I chose the classic school girl outfit and then we prepared for the purikura shots. It was a ton of fun, and the decorating was interesting. It’s all timed, too, which was kind of frantic, but I would do it again. Even though it’s pretty costly at ¥400.

Hakuoki Bento Boxes

Hakuoki Bento Boxes


My Spinach Mushroom Noodles








Christmas Pancakes


Uji Matcha Parfait


Finally we headed to dinner at the Denny’s nearby. We both got entrees and desserts. It was pretty yummy. Their pancakes are really good, and their pastas aren’t bad. Best of all, I got to use my points to pay for part of the meal!


Then headed back to Hiyoshi.

5 December 2014, Friday

Hey, look, I skipped two days! Because nothing much happened haha.

But on Friday, I took a day off of Camera Club to head to Okachimachi



with my Case Analysis class! Our teacher set up a Secret Santa mission, in which we were divided into teams and had to walk around the station to find presents equal to the number of people in our groups. After the thirty, forty minutes of shopping were up, we all met back together at the GU and then headed to this steamed soy sauce rice place for dinner. It was super yummy. We also opened up presents (they were all labeled with a number and we randomly chose a number). Funnily enough, one of my team members and I both got our own presents….I got to trade my with his, though, and then we another classmate for a nabe set! 10 items: noodles, spoons, nabe pot, etc all from a ¥100 shop.

Yum Yum Food

Yum Yum Food

We finished eating the “light” meal and then headed to an izakaya. Juu, Mandy (another girl from Taiwan), and I sat with the teacher, while everyone else sat at a long table next to us. It was quite fun. Mitsuhashi-sensei asked about Taiwan and goukon customs and stuff. So I learned from Mandy and Juu that, in Taiwan, they have goukons involving motocycles. First, you have ice breaker games, then you randomly pick a set of keys and the owner of the motorcycle becomes your partner for the goukon. You ride off to the mountains or the

Variou Food: daikon salad (ume sauce), sakura yukke (horse), and some meatloaf-like chicken on skewers

Variou Food: daikon salad (ume sauce), sakura yukke (horse), and some meatloaf-like chicken on skewers

sea to have tea at midnight. It’s kind of funny. And Mitsuhashi told the two to make me go to a goukon and gave me advice not to take pictures every two seconds of the food because then guys will think I’m not there for them Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒ

Also I was quite surprised how I was able to finish my drink quicker than the other people at my table, since I’m a greenhorn at drinking.

And I got to try horse meat for the first time at the izakaya. The sauce on it made it taste too sweet, but the texture wasn’t bad.

Then we all headed to our respective stations, with most of the people on the same line home. Mitsuhashi-sensei was on our train, and you could kind of tell he drank. It was interesting. Juu and I enthusiastically talked about spring break. Back at Hiyoshi, a couple of us also went to Mister Donut for dessert, then headed home. I got back after 12am and still had class the next day.

6 December 2014, Saturday

I was super tired, since I was out all day the day before. But I still went to Harajuku after class (well, after eating lunch with Ching at the cafeteria and discovering their Christmas limited menu + having the special Hayashi Omurice!) and met up with the MeetUp group outside the Omotesando Exit. I was actually kind of

surprised, since all the foreigner guests were a lot older than I was. I was the same age as the tour guides from Hosei University, though. It was still a lot of fun, though! I made friends with some of the tour guides and met some of the other foreigners living in Japan and got to explore Meiji Jinguu,

Meiji Jinguu

Meiji Jinguu

Omotesando, and Takeshita Street. I even bought another omamori and was totally lost in Kiddy Land looking at all the Totoro things. I couldn’t help it.

Kiddy Land

Kiddy Land

White Stew Chips

White Stew Chips

I was basically on that 2nd floor looking through all the Studio Ghibli goods for the whole 30 minutes we were given to shop. And I couldn’t even buy anything. We also went to the Oriental Market, where I did manage to buy two postcards. And at Takeshita Street, we only really managed to go to Calbee+, where I tried the white stew chips, but regretted it, since Mickey, one of the guides, let me try one of his sticks of poterico and it was so so so good. The day was actually a lot longer than how I’m writing about it now, but there was basically just a lot of window shopping. But I’m glad I went! I was nervous, since it was my first time coming to a MeetUp.




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