Pokemon Center Tokyo Closing Ceremony



7 December 2014, Sunday

I didn’t even know that the Pokemon Center at Hamamatsucho was closing! I just went because Pokemon Club was going. I found out there. I ended up meeting Nagata (another girl member of the group) late because I completely missed my stop. But the store itself was quite close to the station and CROWDED. There were a bunch of people waiting outside and a bunch of people browsing the inside of the store. At some point, I got separated with my company, but found them again. The line for check out was also so long there was no point in waiting. We just headed down stairs for the free Fraokie. I only had Pokemon X on me then, so I just received one. Nagata got two Piplups

People on their DS

People on their DS

from the day before, so she gave me one (yay!). And all the people on the floor were on their 3DS’ – it was really funny but enjoyable. I wish something like that would happen in the States.

We soon went back up, since some festivities were getting ready to come up. Apparently, Masuda Junichi, one of the Game Freak members, was near the front of the store, but



the crowd was so big we could not see. After he finished talking (and the giant Pikachu also went back into the store), there was a long line for a group picture. All of us HiyoPoke (Hiyoshi Pokemon Club) members went in line and got our picture (with a bunch of other people) taken. It was tough, since people in the front would hold up stuffed animals or something and not care that they were blocking the faces on the people in the back. And we were all in the way back…

We got a few group pictures and got closer to the front of the store, where Masuda appeared again (it’s funny how the crowd yells his name when he passes by) and the

Ending ceremony speech by the manager; Masuda's the one crossing his arms

Ending ceremony speech by the manager; Masuda’s the one crossing his arms

manager of the store gave a thank you and farewell speech. The Pokemon Center was moving to Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City as the Mega Tokyo branch. Some people teared up and cried, but it was my first and last visit to that center, so I was just amused, but happy.

After the event ended, a couple of us returned home, and some of us walked all the way to Mita to have dinner at Saizeriya, It was tough again for me, since I didn’t have the skills to talk to the rest of the members.

Overall, however, it was quite a fun day.

Bye bye, Pokemon Center

Bye bye, Pokemon Center


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