Harajuku Shopping

14 December 2014, Sunday

Made plans with Chou to go shopping again. We both wanted new shoes, so we headed to Harajuku around 2pm. Paris Kids was the first place we dropped by, and I found out that they sold surprise bags! 10 items for ¥324 – so worth. I picked the heaviest bag and bought a necklace. Then went into Wonder Rocket and looked at some of the mori girls items. Found a cute 3-way bag for ¥1900, but I wanted to look at other places first before committing. Went into the Daiso across the street (a large Daiso!) looking for journals. Chou and I both bought quite  few things. I bought four journals, including one notebook for school. I wanted to look at a bunch of other shops, but Chou was super hungry, so we went to Santa Monica Crepes and waited in the long line to order our Chocolate Banana Brownie Crepes.

Chocolate Banana Brownie Crepe. Doesn't it look delish?

Chocolate Banana Brownie Crepe. Doesn’t it look delish?

I kind of wish I got one of the premium deluxe giant crepes, though (I eat too fast). Next time! It was delicious, and while we were eating them on the side of the road, some girl decked out in lolita and a camera crew passed by. I feel like you see a lot of camera crews in Tokyo. We stopped by a bunch of stores, including No Fall, the cheap shoe store, where Chou bought a pair of faux Uggs.

These shoes doe

These shoes doe

I stopped by Sango and bought a dress and debated buying a ¥1980 cardigan and stole. Then we headed to the bigger Wonder Rocket, where, soon, it started hailing! It was quite a site. One of the store attendants ran inside exclaiming that it was snowing hard. A little girl was so excited and went outside yelling to her parents. And, even though it was hail and it hurt, she still stayed outside all happy. Chou had never seen snow before, either, so she was excited when I dragged her back out. It was really a sight to see.

Little drops of hail on the ground

Little drops of hail on the ground

But it didn’t last long. When we finished at that store, it was already gone and replaced by rain. Sadly, none of us had umbrellas. Luckily, it soon changed to a drizzle instead. And made a stop at Calbee+ where I got my poterico fix. It was so good. And Chou bought the salt butter flavor chips.

Poterico - fried potato goodness. I'd even say better than french fries.

Poterico – fried potato goodness. I’d even say better than french fries.

Then we stopped by Wonder Rocket, where I bought that bag (and the cashier had perfect English, I was so surprised! She also packed it up in plastic so carefully and thoughtfully since it was wet outside). And rushed to Sango to also buy the cardigan I was debating about before. Then went to a socks store, which had a 4 for ¥1000 sale. Chou and I each bought two pairs and split the price. The Cute Cube PomPomPurin Cafe line was much shorter by this time, so I had Chou come with me to eat there.

Entrance to cuteness

Entrance to cuteness

You cannot say this is not cute!

You cannot say this is not cute!

We still had maybe a 10-15 minute wait, but the pudding was so worth it. It was so creamy and delicious – convenience store purins just cannot compare! But the caramel sauce that came with it on the side was the grossest thing I’ve ever tasted. It was extremely bitter and tasted exactly like medicine. But, since I don’t believe in wasting food I pay for, I ate it all.

I ate pompompurin

I ate pompompurin

Lastly, we stopped at We Go, then had dinner at La Pausa next door. It was quite good. I usually hate tomato-based pastas, but this one I could stand to eat again.

The train ride home was kind of embarrassing, though. We were the only ones with a ton of shopping bags. We probably troubled other passengers with how many bags we carried.

Japanese "bacon" (really just ham) and tomato pasta

Japanese “bacon” (really just ham) and tomato pasta




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