BIGBANG Concert on Christmas Day

25 December 2014, Thursday

Right after the last day of Case Analysis Class, Akane (another exchange student, who’s from Australia) and I headed out to Tokyo Dome for the BIGBANG Concert! It was the first concert in December in Tokyo, and my first official concert. To be honest, I was rather nonchalant about it. I love BIGBANG, but I was way past my BIGBANG phase back in high school. So I’m, a fan, but not really a fan. I heard, however, from a friend, that their concert is always sold out and it’s difficult to get tickets for their show. But they seem to be at Tokyo Dome every year, since Erika went last year.

Tokyo Dome! Really cool. Actually, Tokyo Dome City looks like a cool place to hang out...

Tokyo Dome! Really cool. Actually, Tokyo Dome City looks like a cool place to hang out…

As soon as we got there, we entered the long line to buy goods. We were intent on getting light sticks, but oh my dear, they are expensive pieces of plastic. They’re fun to have, but you literally will never use them again. Yet we bought them.

Some of the goods

Some of the goods

Akane and I ended up purchasing krunk x BIGBANG keychains, a light stick, and a light ring. We both got TOP keyrings, but I received the colored one, while hers was silver. Light rings were also given at random, and I got the regular red one.

Krunk x TOP

Krunk x TOP

The concert, of course, was incredible. BIGBANG has a lot of personality, and there was a Q&A session with the fan club in the front. It was funny how they reacted to how fans rated them (G Dragon being super popular, Seungri being liked for being pitiful). Taeyang was made to say I love you to one of the audience members who requested it.

It was weird to hear their songs in Japanese, though – the only ones I could really get into, as a result, were Koe wo Kikasete and Gara Gara Go. I like the original Korean versions of the songs….which they did sing some of. And I’m still a fan of the originals: Haru Haru and Lies. The remix part with all their singles one after the other was really nice, and when they launched goodies at the fans….I really wish I got one, dangit.

In any case, concerts are really all about the experience. Just found that out. The sea of lights from all the fans’ light sticks was really beautiful! It was also fun to wave them around to the music and see everyone else doing the same. I guess it’s like a unified sort of feeling – it’s hard to describe.

Sea of lights

Sea of lights

Actually, I always thought concerts lasted well into the night, but this one ended around 8pm (if I remember correctly), so after that whole experience, it felt weird going home to do nothing.

But 10/10 would attend again. Well, maybe not another huge concert like this (it was super expensive!), but another concert, definitely. Then maybe I’ll discreetly use my BIGBANG light stick again just to get some use out of it.


…Annnndddd that was how I spent my Christmas.


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