Comiket Days 1 & 2

28 December 2014, Sunday

COMIKET! Something I’ve been looking forward to whenever I found out about it. I don’t even know when. But it was like after I came to Japan lol. I was actually informed that it’s not a super pleasant experience, considering it usually gets so crowded you cannot even make a phone call to your friends. If you get lost, it’s game over.

And it was indeed crowded. I’m not deeply embedded into doujinshi culture (I mean, I know they exist, but I don’t know any) so I didn’t really enjoy myself to the fullest. But the experience was interesting. There are a lot of fujoshi out there…

It was the first time I ever had McD for breakfast, too. They were the only food place opened early in the morning (we probably left at like 5 or 6 am…). The doors opened at 10am, but we came two hours ahead of time and already had to wait in an extensive line. Ching, Sunny, and I weren’t even waiting in line for the more popular hall (where all the main series were), yet we probably had to wait like three blocks away from Tokyo Big Sight. It was ridiculously packed. To waste time, I decided to skype people from home (it was the first time I’d be able to during the day time, since I never wake up early enough to skype with the 13 hour time difference).

People behind me in line. The line goes for a long, long way.

People behind me in line. The line goes for a long, long way.

It was a good waste of time, and quite a fun experience. It’s surprising that it can be fun when you’re waiting in such a long line (and Japanese do it all the time. I think I’m starting to take on the mindset of “oh my god, there’s a line in front of this shop – it must be popular! LET’S JOIN.”).

The walk there was long even after we started moving. We had to cross street and go up stairs. And enter the hall and find where we’re supposed to be going. I didn’t really have any place in mind, but Ching knew what to buy. She did her research (unlike me). So we wound up in the BL section, which…I’m not a fan of, but it was interesting, I guess…

Sunny went to the official goods section, where all the guys were.

Looking at so many people filing up stairs is a really funny sight

Looking at so many people filing up stairs is a really funny sight

Later, I ended up just walking around and I found a few things that interested me. In the East Hall (we started off in the West), there were a ton of Pokemon doujinshi. And I really like the Touko x N pairing, so yep, needed me some goodies. There were also Digimon pairings (….none of Kari and TK, which made me quite disappointed), Johnny’s idols, Naruto, etc. The stars of the day were probably Haikyu and Free! Saw a couple fo Eva Kaworu and Shinji fics, too. I also found a novel for Gaius x F!Avatar (of Fire Emblem: Avakening fame), so I bought the one with the pretty cover. If I will ever read it remains to be a mystery, since too much Japanese and no pictures frustrates me, since I don’t have the patience to read that much kanji.

Besides comics, they also have handmade goodies

Besides comics, they also have handmade goodies


29 December 2014, Monday

Since the next day had otome games, Persona, and Zelda (really, just all games), I had to go. Ching also wanted to buy Phoenix Wright merchandise, so we went together. We left at approximately the same time, and waited for the East Hall this time. Unfortunately, this day was extremely cold and rainy and HORRIBLE.

Horrible, rainy day

Horrible, rainy day

It was a really bad day to be waiting in line for two hours outside with electronics. But I decided to skype a friend again, so I managed to waste maybe…an hour. The rest was spent shivering and not being able to feel my toes. It was miserable, and they didn’t even open their doors for us until 10:30….

Devil Survivor

Devil Survivor

But inside was sweet relief. Ching made her purchases (Phoenix x Edgeworth), and to my surprise, she had to leave right after, so it was up to me to spend time alone there. Which wasn’t bad per say. I got to go to all the booths I wanted. I spent a lot that day! Sadly, I couldn’t really find any Persona doujins I liked (just one that I found before on pixiv, which, by the way, leads to an advice point)

If you attend Comiket, which you should just for the experience:

  • Use pixiv first to find doujin you’d like to buy (just search what series you’d like and click the pictures you’re interested in – usually they will list a date they will be showing at Comiket or some other market)
  • If its raining, bring a plastic poncho
  • Be prepared to wait. A long time. And for crowds. At the station, people will push you out of the way.
  • Also, bring your own bag to put your purchases in. Make sure it’s rather large. They don’t provide you with bags unless you go to specific booths, and then they only give you one if you purchase specific sets.

    Amnesia's Ukyou

    Amnesia’s Ukyou

Well, I don’t think the stuff I wanted was very popular. I looked through the Legend of Mana stuff (there wasn’t much, and the art wasn’t my favorite), Final Fantasy (Lightning x Hope), Smash Bros, Persona (LOTS of Yu x Yosuke, though I was hoping for more Shinji x FeMU), Summon Night (by accident), and otome game stuff. I ended up not buying anything otome game related, since they had no Clock Zero! I was super disappointed! They had way too much UtaPri, which I really don’t like…There was a bunch of Hakuoki, too, but I’m tired of it already.

La Corda d'Oro Doujin

La Corda d’Oro Doujin

What I did end up buying, though, was a lot of Fire Emblem. I bought a whole manga for ¥2000, which is super expensive!! But the art was absolutely lovely, and I really liked the emotions in the book. The unfortunate thing is that I accidentally bent a corner of the lovely cover! I regret that so much.

Other point of interest:

Comiket is in Odaiba, which is already maybe an hour+ away from Hiyoshi, where I live. Odaiba is a gorgeous place, but if you’re going to Comiket, you won’t get much time to explore there, since you’ll be pretty tired out for the rest of the day. I still need to go back and explore.

I did take a few pictures of cosplayers, but I was too embarrassed to ask to take pictures by myself (Also most of the picture-takers are guys).



The third day of Comiket was geared more towards guys, and I didn’t have much I wanted there. They showed off software and more game stuff. The only thing I was interested in was Fate/Stay Night, and specifically Fate/Extra (Gilgamesh or Archer x FeMU), so I had a friend who was going anyway buy one of the doujin for me xD


Oh second thought, dang, I might’ve bought some La Corda d’Oro doujin if I watched the anime before going…

I only asked these cosplayers for their picture, since I know the characters from Marginal

I only asked these cosplayers for their picture, since I know the characters from Marginal

My many purchases from Comiket

My many purchases from Comiket



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