Kawagoe Part 2

23 December 2014, Tuesday

So I had a personal reason to go to Kawagoe, which was to buy a certain protection charm for a friend, but I was also looking forward to going back anyways. Ching and I went early in the morning (it takes a while to get there – Kawagoe is actually in another prefecture) and walked around taking pictures. We got there maybe around lunch time, so we decided to go through the streets, looking for a place to eat. Now, I’m a super picky person – I like cheap and good, but I also never know what I want to eat unless I look through all the options. However, we eventually got too tired to look anymore, so we settled on a tofu place. That might seem unusual, but Ching and I are both tofu fans, so it really wasn’t a problem. The price was rather high, but, actually, it was quite a nice and filling meal.

Three kinds of tofu, pickles, soy milk, and miso

Three kinds of tofu, pickles, soy milk, and miso

I got the more expensive set, since I wanted to try all the different kinds of tofu (I only remember that the middle one has black sesame in it). The miso had a lot of ingredients and even more tofu, so it was absolutely delicious. The soy milk, however, was thick and plain, so it wasn’t to my taste. It was literally like drinking tofu. I thought it’d be sweetened. The “pickle” was actually fried tofu with a sauce on it. Tofu, admittedly, has a very light flavor, which is something that not everyone is fond of. I usually like strong, concentrated flavors, but I don’t mind tofu so much. And it’s always nice to know you’re at least eating healthily.

After finishing our lunch, we continued to walk around, and went to Hikawa Shrine again. Hikawa is known for fated marriages and I intended to buy a love charm for success in confessing. I actually had to ask the shrine maidens which one was effective for that, so it was a bit embarrassing.

I also got to visit a sweets street (which is recommended on this map you can get at Kawagoe Station) and buy a purple sweet potato manju – which was super yummy! I hate sweet potatoes, but I could eat this again.

Purple Sweet Potato Manju

Purple Sweet Potato Manju

We bought a couple of other sweets, visited the animate for a second (way too small) and then went to Shibuya. Ching had something else to attend to, so I hung out on my own in Parco. From rocketnews24 (a Japanese news site I frequent), I found out about an ice cream melon pan shop, so I went there and had one. It’s a bit expensive at ¥400 per, but they really put a literal block of vanilla ice in that melon pan, so I’d say it’s worth it. It’s really a delicious combinations – the soft, warm, fluffiness of the melon pan combined with cold, creamy ice cream….just thinking about it makes me drool. I could use another one…

Melon Pan Ice Cream

Melon Pan Ice Cream

The shop is called The Second Best Freshly Baked Melon Pan Ice in the World (世界で2番めにおいしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス), and it’s only a five minute walk away from Parco (so maybe 15, 20 minutes from Hachiko), and I highly recommend going!


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