Late Shopping at Harajuku and Ikebukuro

2 January 2015, Friday

Went to Meiji Jinguu Shrine with a couple of friends who wanted to attend Hatsumoude. I had already gone the day before, but was interested in going again. Surprisingly, the crowds were still quite large and the police had to herd us in groups into the shrine.

Lots of people buying omamori

Lots of people buying omamori

After praying for the new year, we headed over to the food area, and tried a few street foods. I got a matcha manju, which I don’t remember tasting like green tea at all. It was just the coloring.

What we were most looking forward to doing, though, was shopping. Hoping that any good fukubukuro were still left, we headed to Takeshita Street. Ultimately, I bought the one from Paris Kids, although many other stores still had theirs. I was not a huge fan of any of the brand enough to spend more than a couple of yen on them. We ended up not buying much and going to the Italian place right at the entrance of Takeshitadori and eating pizza. That, at least, was not a disappointment. It looked and tasted really good! For a relatively decent price, as well. DSC_0097We then took a train to Shibuya to check out Village Vanguard and get melon pan ice cream! It’s still one of the best melon pan I’ve eaten – although it is way too calorific.

3 January 2015, Saturday

On Saturday, one of the same friends who joined me at Harajuku also went with me to Ikebukuro. And where else but Sunshine City? There was still a Pokemon Center campaign going on (the opening of Mega Tokyo), so we did manage to make a stop at a cream puff store so I could buy the special dish for a Pikachu sticker. The choux puff was too hard for me. It wasn’t the soft, slightly chewy consistency I expected. It was more baked and crunchy. Found a couple of fukubukuro laying around, but didn’t buy any. I was also introduced to Axes Femme, a lolita-esque brand which I absolutely fell in love with (not so much with their prices, though). If I knew about it earlier, I would have made an investment in one of 20150103_182343their fukubukuro. I hear they sell out really quickly. But, well, we ended up spending a lot

An Axes Femme Winter Coat

An Axes Femme Winter Coat

of time and didn’t really buy anything. But it was still fun to walk around and see all the fukubukuro still left and the shopping atmosphere all around.


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