Snoopy and Hello Kitty Cafe in Shibuya

Hey guys, this is totally out of order, since I forgot to publish this WAY sooner! So, as ya’ll have probably been seeing, I haven’t really been updating this blog anymore. My adventures ended a year ago and I realized blogging is super tough to keep up with! I’ll be posting up the rest of my drafts, just to complete everything, and then this blog will probably be put on a permanent hiatus – though I, myself will be moving over a a yet unnamed and unfinished new site! Anyways, without further ado —

16 December 2014, Tuesday

I had classes until 2:30, but I thought I could make it back to Hiyoshi and then to Shibuya at 4, but boy, was I mistaken. I was more than 30 minutes late to meeting Erika, a friend from America, who had come to Tokyo for Winter Break. I felt so bad and I was freaking out, since I couldn’t reach her cell phone. Luckily, she managed to find a spot with free wifi and so we got in contact through LINE and met near the Hachiko exit inside the station. Erika led the way to the Snoopy Cafe. I was surprised she knew where she was going and everything, since the last time she was in Tokyo was back in August. She was a lot more knowledgeable than I am.

It was a super cold and dreary, rainy day, though – not exactly the best time to go out and have fun. It was the first time I’ve seen such a crowded Shibuya, too, since I’ve never been in the afternoon.

Snoopy decor!

The Snoopy Cafe is actually just the Tower Record Cafe in their building. It had a short wait, and the food was all pretty expensive – especially the Snoopy themed stuff. So I bought a regular meal: the taco salad. BUT IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It is so hard to find Mexican food in Japan and this reminded so much of American-Mexican restaurants to me. It was more of a chilli than taco beef, but it was still so good and had so much more spice than regular Japanese food. We just chatted and ate.

My delish taco salad

And, unfortunately, you cannot split the bill at that restaurant.

The special Snoopy-themed hamburg steak

Then we headed to Parco for the Hello Kitty Cafe, which is a temporary establishment until Christmas. The line wasn’t too long, but when we left, it went down the stairs. So we came at a very good time. At the Hello Kitty Cafe, you have to order in line and you cannot order more once you area seated. You can also stay there for up to 1-2 hours (forget which). The food sets this time were cuter, but even more expensive than the Snoopy Cafe, so I just got the Hello Kitty latte. Erika ordered an apple pie set and the cocoa. Before we entered, there was a popup poster you could take a picture with. The waitress even asks if you want a picture with it, so I just had to take the opportunity. Then we were seated, and our drinks came first. When the pie set came up (much, much, much later), the only male staff member brought it over. I asked him if the mug was take-homeable, but it wasn’t, unfortunately. He said something about “cute” and lingered, left the receipt, then went on his merry way. I totally though he was calling Erika cute, but she thought he was talking about the mug. But she did think he was awkwardly there for a long time. When I said I thought he was complimenting her, she said he was looking at me LOL. So then we wondered if he was flirting or if he was just calling the cup cute since I wanted to take it home. As Erika said, if only we could replay that moment. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

Iced Hello Kitty Latte

Hot Hello Kitty Latte






The apple pie set came with a super cute, tiny apple that was actually edible. And a real apple. I didn’t know such tiny ones existed. And on the way out, the same male staff member handed me rubber bands for the place mat I took with me. I had no idea what it was for when he gave it to me, though lol.

Hello Kitty Apple Pie

And we looked around the Hello Kitty goods. The pass cases were only ¥980 or so! So cheap (in comparison to others)! But Hello Kitty is not my favorite character, so I didn’t buy it, though I could really use a pass case.

The floor below the cafe was full of anime goods. There was a Rejet Shop, a One Piece store (with photo ops!), a Danganronpa Store, and a Village Vanguard. We looked around the Village Vanguard store. I was so tempted to buy the ¥300 cocoa Country Ma’am cookies I found, but I’m going to try to look at a cheaper store for the same thing. We then stopped at the Disney Store, where Erika bought a Pooh Bear Tsum Tsum iPhone cover. I took a bunch of pictures, as usual. Shibuya’s Disney Store is the fanciest I’ve seen, though.

I still wanted to do Purikura, so we headed to an arcade and used the Mew machine, which was much different from the booth I used with Chou at Ikebukuro. The time was much shorter and it started taking pictures immediately. There was even a video. But this time, I found that you could put on makeup in the stamps section (like apply fake eyelashes to your photo) and tried it out. It’s tough drawing with that stylus. The pictures were also a lot less at this booth. But I managed to get a Club Sega point card and stamp (10 purikura, one purikura free!).

Then I accompanied Erika to Yokohama Station, where she transfers lines, and then I headed back to Hiyoshi and home. Made the last stop to Mister Donut (the 16th was the last day of the sale) and then went home and slept.


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